Month: July 2017

Another evening recording session with the team and anyone who cares to join in. Here are a selection of their EVP. “Got eight brothers with me” ‘Brothers’ is a fraternal name for males in spirit. “Let’s continue” We had a brief interruption from some trouble-makers. Ignoring them, we continued. “Thank you” “You’re welcome” This should show that there is interaction between the spirits that are also trying to communicate with me, earthside. “All kinds of new people in front of her” Referring to newcomers, either earthside, or from other dimensions that join us when we speak to each other. “Hey little sister – wish forRead More →

As is sometimes the case, I couldn’t sleep, so these EVP clips are taken from a conversation we had at 5am. “We can’t see you” “Hence – we are wind above you” The two messages above are linked. I am not sure why they couldn’t see me as usual, but they seem to have their own work-around for that. šŸ™‚ “Sweetie” x 2 “We love you” “Get out please” A doorkeeper (bouncer) keeping outsiders at bay. “I’ve missed you” “She is fond of you” “Nicely done, Nicki” “Given up your notes” Some concern there about my lack of blog posts. I speak to the teamRead More →

A little fed up with the openness of the new sound file, I switched back to a little used old sound file today. Reverting back to an old infrequently used file meant the team had to get used to it again, so some of their messages are a lot faster than they are with a sound file they are familiar with. I asked the team to confirm they were there by saying their names…. “State… state your names to her” I was playing some music in the background for personal focus … “This is new to me” “We heard it too” “Focus longer” “… somethingRead More →