Month: August 2017

It seems to be so long since I’ve had a long and peaceful chat with my team – without meddlers and interruptions. Today I was thrilled to spend time talking to my wonderful team in the light. Communication wasn’t as clear and straight forward as it has been – I got many half-sentences, but I certainly understood most of the conversation and we covered, among other things, astral travel, dreams and I had the pleasure of hearing snippets of messages directly and in real-time, out of my computer speakers – with no need to wait to play back. It did, however, only happen on theRead More →

It’s been a week of ups and downs earthside for me, so I had to wait a week to talk to the team. Here are a few EVP from today’s chat. “We need to build up the light” “We love you” x 3 “My name is.. my name is Peter” Often with EVP, echoes of the sentence appear before the sentence does, hence the repetition of ‘my name is’ in this case. “Looks so cross” For non-English natives, ‘cross’ isn’t something I hear used outside of the UK (could be wrong). This is an emotion somewhere between irritable and angry. Annoyed probably fits best. NotRead More →

A short call home today. We had a new helper! The first two EVP followed in quick succession. I’ve split them to avoid the gibberish sounds in between. “Thank you for helping” “I didn’t help” “Well, you did.. a bit” šŸ˜€ “Nic… Nic..” “Okay” (SE England accent) “Musical sound helps” “Stay happy” “We love you” “I love you” “Nic – we really love her” “It didn’t sound so good” No, it wasn’t up to our usual standards but I’m out of practice with raising and keeping my vibrations up ‘there’ with them. This will improve as I ‘stay happy’. šŸ™‚ “She needs help with herRead More →

It’s odd – I don’t seem to be able to find articles to refer you to, but this post is about cross-validation. That is, messages for or about one ITC researcher, appearing on another ITC researcher’s recordings. I call this cross-validation. I’m not sure if this is the right term! Back in June a long-time American researcher and user of the ‘transform’ method (silent, using ambient sounds) of EVP collection, received a couple of messages referring to me. We had not long started an email exchange, and before you know if, this researcher had received the following messages. “… and I’m in love with Nicki”Read More →