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I made two alterations to our recordings today. I shortened the time to thirty seconds from a minute… “She did something that’s new” “Our time’s huge Nicki” Then confusingly… “Don’t take too long” ๐Ÿ™‚ Though that is probably referring to over-listening to phrases I can’t quite make out, rather than time. .. and I also held my hands over the computer while they were speaking … “She’s using our (forces)” “Them bracelets are dodgy..” I removed my bracelets once I heard that as they were in danger of scraping the internal microphone and adding noise to the recording. More EVP “We do love that youRead More →

I clean forgot to update the blog yesterday! Oops – here’s a few EVP from yesterday’s talk with the team. “Bless you” “Sounds good” “Read ‘Something Worth Doing’” (or “Read – something worth doing”) Not sure if this is a book recommendation, or a lifestyle recommendation. The subtitle of a book called ‘Something Worth Doing’ is ‘How to avoid frustration, get things done and ultimately find your life’s purpose’. ๐Ÿ˜€ “She assumes..” This was said after I had said I would talk to my team in my prayers. As I didn’t catch the rest of it, I’m wondering if my connection with the team onlyRead More →

Had a quiet few days as I’ve been moving house – the team like the new flat! Here’s some EVP from a shorter session than normal – I was tired. “We love the new flat, (Nicki)” ๐Ÿ™‚ I had not one, but two bathroom breaks in our relatively short chat today. A team member asked.. “Have you been on that Coke?!” (Coca-cola) General EVP I had quite a few half sentences today. Here’s some EVP that stand alone though.. “I think that’s fair” “Please gather to me” “How we love you” “Just keep at it” “Nicki” “We hope that you can hear this” “We missedRead More →

After receiving mentions of ‘tweeting’ from the team, I opened a twitter account.. and thought while I was at it I should open a YouTube accountย and a Vimeo account too. Please visit and re-tweet, like, share .. anything you can to get the team ‘out there’!! Here’s a few EVP from today.. “Were you aware also that I have opened a YouTube account for us?” “I sort of knew” “.. and tweet ‘we love you’” “Focus” “Thank you” “Both of you working in spirit” “There’s light” “We need photos again” Last Recording of the Afternoon I’m visiting family and will not be able to speakRead More →

Some EVP from our session today. Regular font – is me Bold font – EVP from the team Bold italicised font – EVP from non-team members First message I received immediately – the second was when I said I would go a couple of hours later! “Don’t leave” “Wait!” A Helping Hand I woke up feeling a bit perturbed today – for no obvious reason. I struggled to lift myself, but didn’t do very well, so the beginning of our recording session was being butted into by unhelpful others. The team were there to help ๐Ÿ™‚ “Help her” “It’s easier to come” I was talkingRead More →