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A shorter recording session today as we had ‘interested others’ chiming in and I wasn’t interested in giving them a platform. Here are a few EVP from today – more mention of news coming, and some technical talk between themselves. “Focus” Said to the communicators by an overseer. “Nicki, help me” Not said by a team member. This is quite common. This could be one of the meddlers trying to confuse me with piteous requests or trying to inflate my sense of importance, or it could be someone who is confused. Either way, I cannot help. More Mentions of News Coming The second time inRead More →

Today other people joined in our session. The team were aware and advised these people were ‘safe’ to talk to. I was aware there were other people present – the team’s communication and that of communication from new people is completely different – both in intention and method. More about that later. The mention of me being ‘on telly’ (that side) came up. I’m aware this sounds odd. Please scroll down for further explanation. Here are some EVP from today.. “Unaccented font” – means it’s me talking “Bold” – EVP from the team. Team means all communicators including guardians, overseers and angelic voices. But usuallyRead More →

The team were excited to tell me about some news coming. This doesn’t necessarily mean our earthside media, but in this case it may well do – the first message I received encouraged me to ‘read the papers’. This could mean research papers or newspapers – because there was mention of news I think we might be talking about something in the newspapers over the next week. Big News Coming “Read the papers, Nicola” Ugh. Well I will as I’ve been asked to – but honestly, I never touch them unless I have to. “The news..” This was part of a much longer message, butRead More →

Another great talk with the team today. This time with a difference – they seemed to be letting people use ‘the phone’ – whatever device they are using their side to communicate. So I have some names – a lot of muffled ‘talking’ as these are people not used to communicating.. and a surprise appearance at the end by my unborn granddaughter. Here are a few EVP from this afternoon’s chat. “Three hundred notes … three hundred” This doesn’t seem to have any relevance to anything right now, though the number 300 was repeated on later recordings this afternoon. The meaning might become clear laterRead More →