Month: October 2017

Spurred on by some fellow researchers who have had some success creating their own gibberish file, I created my own this evening. I had tried before, but hadn’t managed it successfully – with tips from a fellow researcher, I managed to create my own. I droned into a microphone for what turned out to be 13 minutes – it needn’t have been that long, and in fact when I created the gibberish from my speech it only let me do three minutes for some reason. Anyway.. running my speech through EVP Maker, and cutting it into pieces created a new sound file. So that youRead More →

A mini session today. I started in the ‘wrong’ room – the first three messages are probably not from the team. Then when I moved to our ‘proper’ room I realised I felt really tired, so left after only a little while. Me: “My dear brothers – are you available to communicate? If so, please say ‘I’m here’” “I’m here” “I’m here” “We want Nicki” “Go to sleep” Me: “Getting tired. Yet again. Today. Here’s another minute for you” “Time to sleep” Love to you all xxRead More →

Some words of encouragement following a storm earth-side for me – more people-things – I am no good with people if they have a body to hide their light inside. Here’s some EVP from this weekend. “They’re assisting with the voices” “You have no fear” What’s the point of fear if you don’t need it as a survival mechanism? “Hear it like it is” If you go into your average town how many people are shining truth and love? Same working across spiritual dimensions. “Got to keep on at it” “Don’t lose faith” Never. I lost faith a long time ago in mankind, in theRead More →