Guests – Family and Friends – Afterlife EVP

On Sunday, I asked if we could have an additional talk during the week. I suggested ‘friends and family’, and a shorter session. I was happy to hear from both family and friends. Here’s a few (non-personal) EVP from this evening.

“The results are telling you to plan”

“It’s hard for you to plan”

This refers to some lifestyle changes that were suggested by the team. They are right, of course, on both counts. I have been getting better results and I do find it hard to plan!

“.. important, hence reading your e-mail”

I expect this is referring to an email I sent another ITC researcher recently.

“Nic – we’ll have some news”

“There’ll be work to do”


“Thank our guests”

(I did)

Me: “Much love to you”
“Thank you”

Love to you all xx

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