“Hear it like it is” – EVP from the Afterlife – Voices across Dimensions

Some words of encouragement following a storm earth-side for me – more people-things – I am no good with people if they have a body to hide their light inside.

Here’s some EVP from this weekend.

“They’re assisting with the voices”

“You have no fear”

What’s the point of fear if you don’t need it as a survival mechanism?

“Hear it like it is”

If you go into your average town how many people are shining truth and love? Same working across spiritual dimensions.

“Got to keep on at it”

“Don’t lose faith”

Never. I lost faith a long time ago in mankind, in the physical, but never in the spiritual.

“Need some new people here”

“Oooh we love you”

“Bless you”

“I believe you’ve been experimenting”

Probably referring to astral travelling.

Please focus if you can Nicki”

Unfortunately I was distracted a fair bit today, so I finished up a bit early and will talk to them later or tomorrow.

“We’ve noticed the time you have to leave you have something to do”

Yes, I never leave just to go and watch television! Always something to do, but usually food, drink or sleep!

Love to you all xx


  1. Good session, Hope everything is ok?

  2. Yeh bless you for asking, Lance. Just need the occasional reminder why I don’t ‘do’ people incarnate! šŸ™‚

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