Month: March 2020

I had a short session this afternoon and got a dozen or so EVP over two minutes. I had a burst of activity on the first recording and several personal EVP with words of encouragement. I asked whether any of my team or anyone was around me and got this Can you hear it? She says “David”. This one is tougher to hear, but I’ve put what I hear below.. “Special case means jobs around you” That’s absolutely true. With the coronavirus pandemic currently in full flow the British government have asked people to volunteer to act as delivery drivers for those that cannot getRead More →

So it’s been a while since I talked to anybody on the other side, swamped with my own pithy earthside problems, which have now been resolved. I had a short session this afternoon to find out whether there is still contact there and a reason to continue. There is. A lot of the EVP are quite muffled. I don’t know whether this is because I’m out of practice hearing them. (You do have to train your ears to a certain extent). Nevertheless I received about a dozen EVP over the two and a half minutes they were given to communicate. There was a communicator thatRead More →