Month: May 2020

Building bridges to the afterlife

It’s been a productive month for the blog. I’ve created a couple of posts gathering my favourite EVP from 2016, EVP from 2017 and EVP from 2018 and 2019. There are fewer fresh EVP because I’ve been strict about my communicators answering questions rather than letting them have free rein. The reasons for this are varied, but mostly I am trying to reach light teams rather than those gathered around me to communicate. Once I have made my intentions clear the EVP clear up (or I stop hearing them as I’m searching for answers to my questions). These aren’t earth shattering questions, but the ‘regular’Read More →

This isn’t the type of EVP I normally save (it’s out of context) but I thought I would include it as it was quite unusual to hear what appears to be a young female voice. More female voices to follow.. The 2 EVP above were received using gibberish played back through my amazon echo device. The last one is a bit testy. 😁 This is where blog EVP dry up (till this year). Though I was still doing ITC research sporadically I didn’t update the blog from May 2018 till this year. Other than this glut of female sounding voices in May 2018, normal (maleRead More →

To continue on with my compilation work, this time I’m showcasing some of my favourite EVP from 2017. Comings and goings, thanks and love from the light Profound Spiritual Meanings Strangely, we don’t often talk of eternity or eternal matters when we’re in contact. Sometimes it was a battle to be able to communicate directly with the team at all, so I’m grateful for some insight given. Below you can see the EVP I captured discussing the people that meddle with our ITC research. The simple answer is they’re happy as they are – in their own light. Below I have posted two EVP statingRead More →

Whilst I’m waiting for the right time to do my next ITC research I thought I would compile a list of my favourite EVP gathered over the past few years, starting with 2016. They’ll be favourites in different ways so I will offer an explanation for each one. Dogs in the Afterlife This is a little gem from March 2016, barely a month after I started ITC research. I am asking about a small dog (a cavalier king charles spaniel) that is in spirit but had previously popped up on my recordings along with my father. The little guy’s name is Buster and you canRead More →