Month: July 2020

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I had a couple of days with personal and conflicting EVP so I am a little behind publishing EVP for week ending 31st July 2020. There has been hints that my team were going to give up. This didn’t come from them as witnessed by file 4201. I took a break to make a new sound file, though as soon as I did it I knew I’d probably picked the ‘wrong chapter’ to read from ‘Listen’ as it was all about spiritual imposters and attacks. I only used it twice. 😁 First EVP on file 4202 was an interactive EVP which I heard quite clearlyRead More →

I’ve had an uncomfortable few days ITC wise. I recorded on Monday and then again today as planned, but in between I became quite angry at something I thought was said on Monday. So when I started to record today I was dreading what I was going to receive. I need not have worried, it was kind of business as usual and I’ve calmed down a lot. Over time I have learned to pace myself with an upper time limit on communication, and to verbalise worries I have and project them out. It’s no good me having the hump and hoping they will read myRead More →

I had a couple of days break and rejoined them today, Sunday 26th July 2020. A more instructional feel to the recordings today, with suggestions to use YouTube. The hidden assets mentioned are probably all the EVP that doesn’t make it onto the blog. 4186 – More emphasis on publicising our work in some way, ‘notes’ is what they refer to any logging of our work including this blog, I love the last EVP from #4187 – said in response to ending the recording. So during the intervening break, I chatted to my team, as is my (rather bad) habit. I try not to takeRead More →

My next question was “Follow your leader you said. Who is my or our leader please?”. The simple reply was “God is” For this session, because I heard ‘God’ in the file above, off mic I said to my communicators that God is a gossamer concept for many so we need to firm God up for our dull human brains to understand. Unfortunately the communicators with those messages had left at the end of the last recording. If you listen back to the very end of the 4181 recording you will hear an EVP that is cut off – “They are goi(ng)”. I did hearRead More →

We spent two hours together chatting today. Well I was with them two hours – they didn’t get much of a chance to say anything so it’s amazing we have as many EVP as we’ve got. Really nice, mostly positive session. I’ll explain what was happening with each file (click download for the whole file) and what I had said off mic during the intervals when I was listening back to the recording. It also looks like we may have respite from the other guys’ interruptions. This first file, 4173, seems straight forward – some excitement at communicating – “She’s testing” was said before I’dRead More →