Month: August 2020

Picture of world

Following Friday’s ITC session I wasn’t sure who I would have communicating today. At the end of the session I was still not much wiser, but here are some EVP from today.. I don’t have an uncle Curt as far as I’m aware so I don’t think that EVP was for me. At the beginning of the next file we have a lovely ‘Hush’… similar to the ‘Silence’ ordered at the beginning of a file for my post Prayer through talking I found the last EVP “Well, don’t drawl it out” funny. Typically dry British humour – or perhaps an accidental pun as someone isRead More →

Picture of world

Two days have passed since our last recording session. This morning, as arranged I made a new sound file. Weather in the UK has improved a bit, but there were no EVP received good enough for this blog. I’m not sure what’s going on there. I’m planning to return on Sunday to see if things have improved. Peace Nicola (Seeker)Read More →

We’ve had a funny couple of days communication wise. Most of my listening time was spent hearing old EVP repeatedly on my sound file. I will be changing that before the next recording. I think communication is affected by all sorts of variables. I think something as seemingly irrelevant as our weather here on Earth affects communication. In the UK we have had a week or so of bad weather, wind rain and flood. Both radio and television signals are affected by atmospheric pressure – it makes sense that it would also affect our signal (how my team term our connection). The EVP below areRead More →

Picture of two people walking into the light of the afterlife

It’s a new week, and we continued with the sound file made on Friday. I am already looking forward to seeing the back of it because it’s now riddled with embedded EVP that I have to listen to repeatedly. However I’ve already found this beneficial. Second EVP on this page mentions Kyle, who appears on my post “New Gibberish Sound File – ITC Research“. Peace Nicola (Seeker)Read More →

I decided to change the sound file again today and was quite pleased with the results, as were they (“Sounds good”). First on file 4267 is an EVP that at first made little sense, until I realised it is meant to reassure – calls (contact) comes from a friendly source, natural – nothing to fear. Not sure what the “stop” was about, nor the “waders”. I think most of my team left around file 4270 which is why there are missing files. We’ll be back next week with more voices from the unseen worlds. Peace Nicola(Seeker)Read More →