August 2020

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I made a new sound file today. I use a microphone for this and I left it on intentionally when I started ITC today, to see how it sounded. Dreadful really. I got some EVP but there was a hum/crackle of background noise all the time. Nothing good enough to put here. So we will start with the second recording of the day, file 4222. I was smoking as I heard the EVP “You’re smoking”. I’m not sure about the oat EVP. I do like oats – so does someone else by the sound of it – with extra salt! What a lovely clear EVPRead More →

I woke up in a bit of a funk this morning which is not like me, particularly if doing ITC in the day. I worried and fretted about this but the only way to find out what was going on was to ‘call home’, which I did. I got a comment about my mood immediately – and then a clue at the end – “last night”. It was only a post or two ago that I commented I never remember my dreams, which is the perfect opportunity for both my team – and others – to talk to me or whisper in my ear. AtRead More →

During the days between recordings I talk to my team. This is still ‘praying’, though not a formal affair. The question comes up later about whether they do actually hear me when I’m chatting away while doing chores – file 4213. So going into the first recording of the day, with this on my mind, but focusing on the question from the other day – can I meet my visual ITC team? The first EVP could have been confirming a team was on its way. The second was perhaps commenting on an altercation involving my neighbours on the street outside, an hour or two beforeRead More →

Picture of two people walking into the light of the afterlife

I’m posting things backwards at the moment! We had some off-days in the week and I’m still writing a post for that! But on to today. It was down to pleasurable business as we discussed teams and visual ITC. Brand new sound file created with my scrambled voice reading a chapter from ‘Listen’. So for the first recording the team are establishing their presence and there’s in context EVP relating to the team. Apart, that is, from the strange EVP about my toes. I hope I misheard it. I’d been in touch with a reader recently who had asked about video ITC which reminded meRead More →