Month: November 2020

visual itc image of spirit child

It’s been a really rough few weeks for me and ITC, hence the sparsity of posts. Not that we haven’t been recording most nights – but the sessions were regularly sullied by opponents. These same people chose to take their argument out of the astral and into the physical plane and I’ve been attacked relentlessly as I try to sleep. Bed shaking – me finding myself being startled to full alert constantly as I’ve tried to sleep – once even finding myself sat on the edge of the bed, fully upright, completely paralysed with a filthy, heavy presence in the room – unable to speakRead More →

I’ve moved the contents of this post to a page on this site as the subject matter is so sensitive, giving regular readers a choice whether to read it or not. You can find this new page here – the afterlife and suicide. If I get further input from my spirit team I will of course post it in one of our regular blog posts. For now, Peace Nicola(Seeker)Read More →


Following a short break the Calling Home team are back at work. Here’s a selection of tonight’s EVP. On the next recording Neville is back (yay!). Colin is a (deceased) partner and Gemma is a friend of mine. Yes, I was in the bedroom. We will be back soon with more electronic voice phenomenon! Peace Nicola (Seeker)Read More →

Leslie Flint picture

I’ve been anti state sanctioned murder for as long as I can remember, but this post isn’t about my views. The views shared here come from a much more profound source. If you believe in the afterlife you must listen. If you are a death penalty proponent and a believer in eternal life it is your duty to listen, heed and take action. It is your duty. It has been my absolute pleasure to read “Voices in the Dark” by Leslie Flint. I devoured it voraciously and after reading about his life as a medium there were some absolute gems right at the end ofRead More →

Building bridges to the afterlife

Sunday is the start of a new week for the Calling Home team – so dutifully I changed the gibberish. I made one from my own voice and resampled the Chris Hitchens gibberish I’d made already. We had some unwanted interruptions – general silliness with sexual references and ‘penis’ said not just once. I’ve saved you from this (I rarely keep these sort of EVP anyway). At this point my team left though I soldiered on for another recording only to hear more silliness. Ahhh. Back soon with more recordings from another dimension. PeaceNicola (Seeker)Read More →