Month: December 2020

Building bridges to the afterlife

I’m writing this on New Year’s Day, having delayed because EVP have been very difficult to hear, but not non-existent. I think it is fair to say that since switching from my previous team to Central station there have been some teething problems with sound quality. I’ve still kept to recording on a regular basis for two hours, but little is non-personal and of high enough quality to make public on this blog. These two EVP were received on 30th December – hence the date of the post. What I understand about the Christmas EVP is that this is a manmade celebration. Indeed I thinkRead More →

I’m back after a short break, and bearing in mind some EVP I received on the 23rd, I asked to speak to Central. Central is one of the stations set up in the astral specifically for communicating from the afterlife to ITC researchers here on Earth. You can hear the suggestion I call Central on my post ‘The helpers are angels‘, from the 23rd December. Central is also known as Centrale or Zentrale – another station is TimeStream. I had received some ‘off colour’ messages (just for a change) and I wondered whether Central could also hear them or whether I needed to ‘tell’ themRead More →

On our first file tonight we have some greetings, a mention of ‘Sainsburys’ (yes my days get more thrilling the older I get) and my friend and fellow ITC researcher, Lance.. Tonight I said my prayer to St Michael in both English and Latin. My Latin pronunciation was awful and I mischievously asked my communicators what they thought of it, having told them off mic it was perfectly alright to say it was rubbish. Instead I got a reference to the YouTube video I had used to learn it (unfortunately said with an American accent at times) “It will help you say it” – I’veRead More →

Picture of world

A short recording session tonight as I’m afraid I rather lost my cool following an EVP I received. Using both freestyle prayer to God and St Michael’s prayer, I started the session. Some acknowledgement seems to have been made about warding off the genuinely nasty spirits. Now above is the EVP I received that caused me to shut down. I have no vices, but I do like to vape and do this throughout our sessions just as I have for the last five years. The EVP seemed official and polite enough for me to take it seriously and become really quite vexed. I asked why,Read More →

It has been a foul few days, recording – so much so that I can’t even bring myself to look again at the EVP received. Mundane, insulting, complete non-sequiturs, lies. Not my spirit team, you understand, but our spirit opponents. So last night I did something that I do rarely – I prayed to God. I tend not to bother the big man because frankly I think he has better things to do than listen to me whining. But I seem to have been heard. See file #4624. But first a thank you (and there are a lot of them today).. Now a brief explanation.Read More →