Month: January 2021

Picture of world

This evening I returned to recording and used a female (my) gibberish sound file for amplification. Note some of the distinctly male voices received (eg. file 4725). I had some trouble connecting this evening. I was feeling a little downcast and I think this affected the results. The suggestion to play music was made several years ago but is something I’ve abandoned in recent months. Today music was mentioned again… … so on this next file I asked about what kind of music. The answer is also something I’ve heard before. The music needs to be upbeat and happy to literally lift my spirits.. SoRead More →

It’s the early hours of Monday morning and sleep eludes me so I thought I would post EVP from the weekend – most on this page from Saturday. The first file from Saturday mentioned crystals. I know others use them, but I’m not sure which ones. Here’s EVP from Saturday 15th January 2021. And so I asked for more information about the crystals and got this.. Most of the EVP left on this page are names.. EVP from Sunday now. I was pondering about the ability of mankind to lie and I was wondering what happens once we go to the astral. We cannot getRead More →

Picture of Jackson Dinky

This evening I used gibberish made from my (female) voice. Here’s some EVP from tonight’s session. With the EVP below I hear two sentences at the same time, though the predominant one is ‘they’re seekers’. This is how those in the afterlife refer to people that pursue spiritual truth, and is where I get my nickname from. This one above is interesting so I asked on the next file who my nemesis is (as I’m unaware of any nemesis in the material world). I didn’t hear a direct answer but I did hear this … Central is the station in the afterlife that looks afterRead More →

Almost half way through January and no posts from us! I’ve taken some time off but have also found EVP to be difficult to hear, so I’ve gathered them up starting from the 3rd January. Sunday 3rd Jan 2021 Monday 4th January 2021 Tuesday 5th January 2021 Though “Cat breeder” seems a bit irrelevant it actually isn’t, it was something I did for a few years. Learning how to phone I think refers to the new contact to a station rather than a team gathered around me. Sunday 10th January 2021 EVP above and below refers to my cat Ozzy. And above, some names. ARead More →