A short call home today. We had a new helper! The first two EVP followed in quick succession. I’ve split them to avoid the gibberish sounds in between.

“Thank you for helping”

“I didn’t help”
“Well, you did.. a bit”


“Nic… Nic..”

“Okay” (SE England accent)

“Musical sound helps”

“Stay happy”

“We love you”

“I love you”

“Nic – we really love her”

“It didn’t sound so good”

No, it wasn’t up to our usual standards but I’m out of practice with raising and keeping my vibrations up ‘there’ with them. This will improve as I ‘stay happy’. šŸ™‚

“She needs help with her …”

Unfortunately couldn’t make out what I need help with.

“Oh but that’s good”

The last EVP said, in response to me needing help with something.

Love to all xxx

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  1. Beautiful contact Nicola, I can hear them all like you do.

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