If you are a regular or recent reader of our blog you will know that not all communication is welcomed by those on the other side. Indeed there are opposing ‘teams’ or ‘gangs’ created intentionally to disrupt ITC. You see, the fewer people that know about eternal life, the more miserable we are. So today’s communication was shortened by people trying to stop our session going ahead. Strangely the very thing they try to stop (capturing of EVP) becomes clearer, brighter, louder and tells its own story. This is what I received today over the course of four recording sessions – two minutes total. As always the download button is the full EVP recording so you can hear the EVP in situ .

“Is that her team?”
“Turn it off!”
“Asks your consent”
“Where is she?”
Me:”I will listen back to that”
“We will let you”

The EVP above were left on the very first recording of the day so I knew we might encounter some ‘challenges’. I hope you can hear the general tone of the recording and the probable way it was heading. As you will know I do have a dislike of posting singular words and I don’t do this unless the word is important to communication flow and understanding what’s going on. In this case the stand out word is ‘Bertie’. Bertie. I have met Bertie during an OBE back in July 2017. He is an opponent of ITC, but I get the impression that rather than disliking communication he (and his gang) use it to create mischief and instill fear. Bertie is one ‘gang’ leader – the other ‘gang’ leader I hope I don’t get to hear from because he is a serious opponent of Tish (the big boss) – and he doesn’t like me communicating at all. Bear with us as the story unfolds on this page..

The next recording seems to be about this blog..

“Those you kept tell us…”
“That’s the bits that she’ll post innit”
“I get to see her myself!”
“They’re joyful”

The opposing team step up their game… The EVP below are from the final full recording before we said our goodbyes on 4168. All the EVP are in order so it reads like a book. Bertie’s gang is trying to both charm and scare me, implying I am a sinner and I need forgiving. I cannot comment on sin really as I think of this as biblical and I’m not a bible student. You will notice that my team get in quickly (fourth EVP down) to tell me to stop recording.

“Come into us Nic..”
“They forgive sin”
“Nic come off”

The team tend to use words that I use to refer to people so we are on the same page. Instead of ‘teams’ opponents have ‘gangs’. In this context it is the same thing but ‘gang’ differentiates between my light team and other organised and opposing communicators.

I feel ‘easier’ is being cooed at me, Santa is a nickname for me as it’s part of my surname (rather than this EVP being a reference to a letter to Santa Claus). I have mentioned Tish before on this blog – the ‘big boss’ who oversees communication from the light. Tweeting I guess comes from talking about this blog.

“That’s his gang”
“Dear Santa”
“A posse of Tish!”
“Try and give”
“They can tweet our names”

Well! I got an EVP that I thought very odd. At first I kept ‘Is not immune’ because although I had clearly heard ‘the pen’ it just didn’t make sense. That is until I went into another room to write this blog and my cat presented me with the bent innards of a pen which he had been chasing! As I had listened back to the recording unaware of my pet’s dastardly deed I declared ‘Well I hear that the pen is not immune, but that doesn’t make sense – I’ll just keep ‘is not immune’ but if it makes sense to me later I’ll recapture the EVP’. And I did! The EVP is below – and the picture is of the bent pen that my cat presented to me as I listened back to the mysterious ‘is not immune’ EVP. 🙂

“Hoping that she’ll meet”
“I just noticed – the pen is not immune!”
Picture of broken pen innard
“You’re quite good!”
“Get off her”
“Betty.. listen!”

And just like that we are back to Bertie. Betty is a name they use for me for some reason known only to them. If anybody is aware of ‘betty’ being used for a communicator here on earth please let me know – I thought it may be a wartime reference but found nothing.

I do hear ‘get off her’ on a regular basis if we have opposing gangs around. At times I have also heard my team apologise if they need to ‘use’ me in some way – so presumably it is quite rude to use someone’s energy to communicate.

Peace, love and light

Nicola (Seeker)

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