Afterlife Tussles – EVP

Another very brief recording session today. Guess who’s back? Answer comes later. The first recording was filled with warnings by the team so I knew immediately we weren’t going to be able to connect for long. Not only is it extremely frustrating, I worry for my team. I cannot see or touch the people that are interrupting, but my team can and I don’t want them to be put in harm’s way.

So with file #4169 we have warnings and insults. We also have a comment which may seem to make no sense (“They came on a boat”), but it does to me. I was watching ‘The Afterlife Project’ last night after being reminded of it when I was working on this blog. Part of it was talking about different cultural beliefs and this took my attention because the film makers were in a beautiful old boat. As they wandered round they explained that in some cultures people believed that when you die you are taken to heaven in a boat. The neck comment – my aging neck is one of my bugbears – and they know that.

“Aren’t genuine”
“As innocent as can be”
“Nic, we have trouble”
“He’ll hear Tom”
“They came on a boat”
“Her neck is terrible”

Well you can see the gradual decline in communication. I had said during playback of this recording that I would not stay for reasons stated above and it looks like the team agreed. But aside from the messages of ‘hate’, we also have an EVP…. Bertie. It’s not the same ‘voice’ as yesterday – a fresh EVP.

“We hate you”
“We hate you”
“We could terminate”
“Get off”
“Praying’s good”
“Bye for now”

And so it continued on recording #4171 (and 4172 though I have left that off as the team had left). More messages with hate and evil stated. My team don’t tend to use the word ‘hate’ – it’s a strong word, and I don’t think I’ve heard them describe anything or anyone as ‘evil’ which is also a strong word. Personally when I hear ‘evil’ I think of the word in biblical terms. It’s quite rare that I would use that to describe a human being.

“Can’t interact Nic”
“Most people hate you”
“He is evil”
“Bye Nicki”

That’s it for now. Come back soon or subscribe so you are emailed automatically when we update!

Love and light
Nicola (Seeker)

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