“Am I Bothered?!” Cheeky EVP from the afterlife dimension

Things are still up in the air, communication wise. The first 4 EVP on this page are from Tuesday and Thursday this week. Still within the “couple of days” mentioned on the previous post “Discordant Vibrations”. First, a warning “it’s turning bad“. My weight has been on my mind, this I think is why I got the EVP telling me to take laxatives. :-l

“It’s turning bad..!
“Is it bad/dad?”
“Well take laxatives”
“A little cramped”
Me:”Love you, bye-bye”

We’ve finally arrived at today, Friday 17th July 2020. I was still using the same file from the 10th of July but I had received some powerful EVP which had lodged on the file. After running the file through three times, I decided to make a new file. The first 2 EVP are from the older file…

“Nic Stop that fra(me?)”
Me:”.. and I will listen back to that everybody”
“That’s it!”

I took 10 minutes away from ITC to create a new sound file. Suddenly I can hear a lot more clearly. However we are still not clear of intruders as you will hear.

“Need to drink”

I*m often being nagged to drink (see June’s post “Observational EVP”).. though communication is stronger and clearer with the new sound file, we weren’t without our problems.. First a warning that we have trouble. Shortly after that what appears to be three people are speaking. The first says “turn it in”. This is English urban slang for “shut up“ or “stop it”. The second replies “Bothered?” which is also English urban slang for ‘I don’t care what you say’/’I’m not bothered’. The response – a firm “Be quiet”.

I think it’s one of the best examples of conversation overheard we’ve had for a long time.

“Nic, we have trouble”
Peace keeper #1:”Turn it in!”
Peace keeper #2: “Be quiet!!”

Before changing to this file I explained to the team that because the first three run-throughs have not been that successful I probably wouldn’t wait around too much, particularly considering the warnings I have received earlier in the week and the scuffle that I could overhear on file 4162. It is confirmed on file 4163 that I do not need to stay. There’s another confirmation that there’s trouble (“Hassle”) and a farewell (“Bye for now”).

Me:” and I’m listening”
“Don’t stay”
“Bye for now”
“They go in first”
“Come on!!”
“It sounds great”
Me:”Bye brothers”

The final two EVP are from the last file of the day. I hope “It sounds great” is the stamp of approval for my new file. I hope so!

Love and light

Nicola (Seeker)

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