Though the blog hasn’t been updated for several weeks, the Calling Home team have still been working hard. I thought I would experiment with ambient (transfer) EVP for a while and whilst it was interesting, and I learned quite a lot about how my team are sending EVP, we are going to stick with a gibberish sound file for now.

I ascertained my team are still able to leave messages using their same ‘voice’ (tone, cadence, inflection, accent) but at a minute level – no good for this blog. As it is as frustrating for me not to hear, it’s as frustrating for them not to be heard. Here are some EVP about the sound issue from the last few weeks. You will certainly need headphones:

EVP “You can’t hear the breakthrough”
3rd October
EVP “Can she hear me?”
EVP “You hear nothing”
5th October
EVP “I’ll shout”
EVP “You cannot hear us”
EVP “You’ll hear it”
EVP “You won’t hear us”
EVP “You won’t hear us”

Eventually I got the strong impression that recording using a sound file is a step forward as ambient EVP makes my team’s difficult job even more difficult. It’s ‘my way’ of receiving EVP in any case. I think we do ok ๐Ÿ™‚

As things were slow when recording ambient EVP I thought I would try thought projection. I focused on the word ‘teapot’ and got


I’ve been back to recording with a sound file for a while and switched from ambient to gibberish on the same day. I got..

EVP “We can hear you”
EVP “Try to have both”

And some random EVP from the past few days:

EVP “Conduit”
EVP “If you like, we’ll pray”

I asked whether EVP are sound waves created by thought (I should have said also) and received

EVP “It’s in the right ballpark”

We’ll be back soon


Nicola (Seeker)

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  1. it worked fine with this kettle ๐Ÿ˜‰

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