It was a relatively short ITC session today, in that the people who had come to get their message across stayed for only two files – 4180 and 4181. 4180 had me questioning them as I listened back. So off mic I said something along the lines of “I heard ‘Ask and she’ll consult’.. having given it a few moments thought I think in this case the ‘she’ mentioned is me. And you are directing this directly at the readers of this blog, which will mean you are actively encouraging incoming requests for contact. Because I’m quite sure, please correct me only if I’m wrong”

“Ask, and she’ll consult”
“Don’t be soft”
“Follow your leader”
“Any decent tongue says so”

My next question was “Follow your leader you said. Who is my or our leader please?”. The simple reply was “God is”

“Be like them”
Me:”Follow your leader you said. Who is my or our leader please?”
“God is”
“Your liberty”

For this session, because I heard ‘God’ in the file above, off mic I said to my communicators that God is a gossamer concept for many so we need to firm God up for our dull human brains to understand. Unfortunately the communicators with those messages had left at the end of the last recording. If you listen back to the very end of the 4181 recording you will hear an EVP that is cut off – “They are goi(ng)”. I did hear it, but because it was cut off I didn’t think it was worth saving. And I didn’t realise we had a ‘guest’ team today – not my usual, those with more clout. Could these be higher beings, or just wise humans?

So on 4182 we have messages of reassurance and one confirming this was a different set of communicators that had now left. ‘You missed them“, “Sister, they talk with you”.

“You missed them”
“Sister, they talk with you”
“It’s safe – your safe”
“You won’t teach most books”
“Don’t go (off)”

Impressed, but a little irritated (I am tired of hearing how terrible my neck is multiple times!) with the powerful EVPs that had lodged themselves digitally on my gibberish sound file, I took some time out to make a fresh file so I could hear things and know they have been said for the first time.

“Don’t miss out”
“Thank you”

The comment that ‘it’s truly good questioning’ I think was about the “Who is God?” question my communicators didn’t hear. Tony was with me, as always 🙂 And we have a triumphant “I came through!” just before I finish off for the day!

“It’s truly good questioning .. (distorted)should know”
“You have a permanent place of (chi?)”
“Tony’s here”
“Care to pray”
“Didn’t listen”
“I came through!”
Me:”Thank you very much I will listen”


Nicola (Seeker)

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