It seems to be so long since I’ve had a long and peaceful chat with my team – without meddlers and interruptions. Today I was thrilled to spend time talking to my wonderful team in the light. Communication wasn’t as clear and straight forward as it has been – I got many half-sentences, but I certainly understood most of the conversation and we covered, among other things, astral travel, dreams and I had the pleasure of hearing snippets of messages directly and in real-time, out of my computer speakers – with no need to wait to play back. It did, however, only happen on the first recording, because I was asked to lower the volume, which meant I could no longer hear as well.

All recordings were less than three and a half minutes in length, most less than two. The actual recording time for the team was perhaps ten minutes. Here are some of the messages received in that time..

“Come in peace”

“That’s OK”

I’m not sure what this was referring to.

“The spirit leaders…”

I could not catch the rest of the sentence.

“But you can save this”

Referring to our conversation – the team were aware I could not catch everything they were saying – saving it means I can listen back later.

“Has to see you”

There were a couple of references to someone having to ‘see me’. I am not sure who this was talking about or where.

“Did – did somebody say that I need to adjust the volume please?”

“That’s what we aim to do – this means you will only work with your (your team) team”

“Hopefully you can see him too”

At the beginning of the recording, a team member asked me to run cameras. Unfortunately – and despite having fully charged the battery – my video camera was dead, and after a mad scramble I decided to use the video function on my IPad. I left it running, pointing up towards the ceiling, but unfortunately even that went wrong, as there was limited space to record. I have 39 minutes of film to examine frame by frame later. Of course if someone has managed to leave an impression I will post it on this blog. The ‘him’ referred to, is someone known to me, now in spirit.

Messages of Love

“We love you”

“I love you”

“We love her too”

“Nic, we love you”

Movement Towards Direct Voice?

This may have been a blip, but the team were aware that some of their speech was coming out of the speakers real-time. This could be a move towards Direct Voice (DCV (Direct Computer Voice) Instead of DRV (Direct Radio Voice)?). But it may have been an unintended, but welcome, ‘side-effect’ of our joined energies, atmosphere or a technical change their end.

Below is a snippet of conversation from the end of the first one minute recording. I make it a habit now of noting my observations on my recordings for the benefit of blog listeners

“You’re probably hearing (things)”
Said just before I said….

“… things directly out of the speakers!”

Astral Travelling Vs Dreams

Some people believe all dreams are a form of travel outside of the body. Personally I do not believe that to be the case. If you have experienced bizarre dreams – possibly as the side effects of bad daytime experiences, screwy brain chemistry due to illness, medication, alcohol or illicit drugs, you will probably be aware that often dreams just don’t make sense.

One thing I have learned from talking to my team is that as wonderful as the afterlife is, and yes, it’s a mental construct, so subject to some – let’s say – alterations from our known physical reality – it does at least make sense. Unless our vision of heaven is extremely odd, we would not see an elephant in cartoon form, juggling marshmallows and breathing fire. At least this is what I understand.

I think it is perfectly possible that the biblical hell exists (as a concept), because people want it to – because they have read about it and, along with others, formed a mental construct resembling that read about in the bible. Likewise the biblical heaven with clouds and cherubs, a God with a beard, strumming harps, halos and wings would probably exist (as a concept), because of the mental construction of many expecting just such a thing.

In reality, I think our afterlife is wonderful – but logical, and sensible.

But I digress slightly.

I have had the great pleasure of learning how to exit my sleeping body and remain fully conscious while I move in astral form. Each time I am trying to reach my team, but so far have failed to do so (three attempts). My vibrations haven’t been quite right. In at least two cases I have found myself in dimensions very close to earth, at a very low vibration. These were not places of fire and brimstone, but of lies and trickery, misery and cynicism. In short – very much like Earth.

I discussed this with my team today. I have also had dreams where I saw deceased friends, but it didn’t seem ‘right’ – I knew I had not exited my body and I was sure I was somewhere within myself. This was confirmed by the team – there are dreams made organically by the brain, and there are spiritual experiences. Here are a few messages from that conversation..

“It doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous..”

For me, this was the opener for a discussion on astral travel. Despite asking for clarification I couldn’t hear any specifics about what or where. I think this was a warning that I have so far been lucky with my accidental visits to lower dimensions. The danger, I think, lies spiritually and emotionally, rather than physically. Nothing I have read or understand about astral travel leads me to believe that someone can be endangered physically while they are doing it.

“Has to be totally happy”

Absolutely. This confirms what I believe about vibrations and being able to reach the light. If happiness is tenuous and not total, travellers are going to end up dropping into the lower dimension, because their vibrations cannot reach the higher dimensions. Personally speaking I spend a lot of time in neutral – neither happy, nor unhappy. To me, that is happiness – but it obviously doesn’t translate as such šŸ˜‰

“He interacts with you”

This was received when I asked how I could tell the difference between dreams and travel. There is a vast and obvious difference, like the difference between being asleep and being awake, but I still find myself with deceased friends or family, even though I know I haven’t left my physical body. I wondered whether I was actually leaving and not realising, so I told my team about a dream I had where I saw a friend of mine (deceased) who didn’t seem to know I was there. There was no interaction – I seemed to be an observer. From that answer I understand that travelling will always involve interaction. Dreams not so much so.

“Worst case – he was pretending”

This was said just after I asked about a man I met during my last travel. However they had already mentioned this man to me – they had knowledge of him. So I don’t know what he was pretending, or even if he was the one being talked about. That experience was much more heaven-like in its presentation, but there was something not quite right about it, so I woke up suddenly.

“That’s how you would have perceived things”

I think this means that even in cases of travelling, my perception of events is what makes the experience real.

And finally

“She needs the foo(d)”
Said just before I said

“I’ve suddenly become very hungry”

This happens regularly when we are talking – appetite comes out of nowhere and then I have to leave!

Love to all xx

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