We’ve had a funny couple of days communication wise. Most of my listening time was spent hearing old EVP repeatedly on my sound file. I will be changing that before the next recording. I think communication is affected by all sorts of variables. I think something as seemingly irrelevant as our weather here on Earth affects communication. In the UK we have had a week or so of bad weather, wind rain and flood. Both radio and television signals are affected by atmospheric pressure – it makes sense that it would also affect our signal (how my team term our connection). The EVP below are from yesterday (Tuesday 25th August 2020).

EVP:”Where can we speak?”
EVP:”(it’s being) a good thought”
EVP:”Sounds different”
Me:”Thank you, I’ll listen back to that!”
EVP:”Playback, talk”

The remaining EVP are from today!

EVP:”It’s not funny”
EVP:”Our thoughts are whispered”
EVP:”This is good”
EVP:”Hello pa”
EVP:”Tempers fail.. with no provocation”

I’ll try to explain the last EVP, as I understand it. I think my team come to me (at least sometimes). I believe the dimensions closest to Earth (including the Earth’s own dimension) attract the ‘earthier’ soul – those that cling to the organic pleasures Earth delivers, or the misery it offers. These people can project anger and avarice.

I loved the “Our thoughts are whispered” EVP further up the page. I wonder if that means in the context of ITC, or general context, whispered in our ears to guide. 🙂


Nicola (Seeker)


  1. in fact usually, you can hear a whisper on evp, you can hardly hear the modulated sound.

  2. Yes. It is true that the clearest communication isn’t necessarily the loudest. And sometimes the loudest makes no sense. I think this is to do with the experience of the communicators.

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