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I’ve run into a bit of a problem with the fresh gibberish I made on 16th June – it was so welcomed it has been pretty much destroyed with EVP that came and didn’t go, remaining on the gibberish file. I have created a new one ready for tomorrow. Here’s some random EVP from the last four days. I love that last one! Love and light to you Nicola (Seeker)Read More →

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It’s a lovely Sunday here and I had an ITC session this morning which turned out to be emphasizing the message that our world is connected and we need to be one! We do – pass it on. I say a word about embedded EVP at the bottom of this post, if you are interested. Here are a few EVP from today. I got the first part of this EVP on Thursday which I posted on my previous post, ‘just listen – evp from the after life’ . I couldn’t hear the end of the EVP then, but heard it straight away today and knewRead More →

child reaching for jesus in spirit

This week has been busy with ITC. We’ve been in touch every day, but I’ve still had problems where I’ve been thinking nobody can hear me and been fretting about it. However I got this EVP early on in the week, so I’ve changed format back to just ‘listening’. I’ve also created a new gibberish file for our use. As a result communication is clearer and I’m attracting the attention of someone who appears to be conducting the communication. The download buttons are for the whole file, but you can play the EVP from this page.. I love it when I get EVP like this.Read More →

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Quite a few EVP received today, here are a few. The download buttons are for the full file, and the playable bits are EVP I’ve highlighted for you. These first two EVP definitely need headphones. We had some problem with the volume today, which they altered their side after this first recording. The EVP below is reminding me to keep hydrated. I sometimes get comments about my surroundings. I think the hat amused this visitor. The teddy sits above my head on the bed headboard while I’m recording EVP. Speak to you soon. Nicola (Seeker)Read More →

I had a very short ITC session yesterday, but I could hardly hear anything, and nor could they by all accounts. So I started afresh today hoping things would have improved and it seems they have. Not brilliant but some EVP were really thrilling for me to get (not so much for you I’m sure, but I’ll explain). First, the download buttons are for the entire file – the playable bits on this page are the EVP I have picked out, slowed down and cleaned up a bit. It’s by no means an exhaustive list of all EVP received. So at this point in theRead More →