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I was going through my recordings for last night. As you probably know,  I don’t post all of them and last night was no exception. However I thought you might appreciate this oddity.. “Possibly just have a wet mark”. 😀 I couldn’t get any response when I asked for clarification. Coming as it did, completely randomly, I thought it rather odd and didn’t remember till this morning that I had spotted a couple of rogue dirty marks on my sofa that should really be cleaned off but would probably leave wet marks that would stain. Yes! My life really is that dull outside of ITC!Read More →

I had a short chat with the team yesterday afternoon that I didn’t get round to posting. Not that there was much to say – the connection was terrible and I kept mishearing things as is pointed out below… “Silly! I didn’t say a thing!”. Added a year later: Over the course of the next year it became apparent that I was not only able to hear my team, but anybody else who cared to stop by. My team couldn’t hear them, and as I was unaware of all the cross-connections that can be made and the influences that can come into play, I always assumed itRead More →

I’ve been up having a late night chat with the team. I find that when it’s the early hours of the morning here in the UK the quality of the communication is different. It’s odd because obviously it’s daylight and busy somewhere in the world, but it doesn’t change the fact that communication seems different here, during the early hours. I get a lot more responses, however they are usually a bit obscure and seemingly irrelevant. The easiest words for the team to say seem to become harder – his name repetition tonight was distorted and muffled. Additional note one year on: Time of  day and evenRead More →

Konstantin Raudive seemed to be around for this recording too. I may be thinking about it quite wrongly – perhaps there’s a spiritual equivalent of a conference call so that others can join in from other ‘locations’ across the astral plane rather than be physically present. We talked about burn-ons (Dr. Raudive’s greeting yesterday popped up again today – identical) and Video ITC today. “Cod-fish”. This is a repetition of Goldfish. If the communicator tries to say Goldfish it sounds hideous. So I usually get no response, or ‘Cod fish’, or ‘Monk fish’. 🙂 “I’m here”. This sounds like Konstantin Raudive. “That’s Monty”. “The coffee”Read More →

I nearly fell asleep during our testing sessions this morning. I fought the tiredness for an hour before giving up. During that hour I felt contact was tantalisingly close – that they were there but I just couldn’t hear them speaking to me. In the end the tiredness got the better of me. I had got a couple of audio clips but they didn’t make any sense. Strange. As soon as I stopped trying to contact the team, I stopped feeling tired and didn’t need a nap! I tried again late in the afternoon with surprising results… “Konstantin Raudive”. I was amazed and thrilled. UnfortunatelyRead More →