It’s the middle of June and I’m just getting round to putting our communications online from when I was away.

I took my laptop to Cuba. The EVP were clearer and longer as I was alone with no earthside relationships to worry about, no chores and no meals to prepare. On the downside, though, the geographical change meant new people to become curious and interrupt. We worked together for a week – the rest I took on my own as it was getting silly. The EVP are in reverse date order, so the bottom is the oldest.

“Too many people Nicki ..”

“They’re obviously beginning to talk to you – don’t they distract you?”

“Chris” (a team member I think)

“Get out of this bedroom!”

“Get off this leg!”

“Get off it”

This happens when non-team-members approach.

“A lot of you need to go”

“Chris” (again!)

“I love you”
“We love you too”

“I’ll get the notes”

“See what I mean?”

“Who are these people?”

“Our Bob’s in a team”

“We love you to pieces”

“Please greet me by my name”

“We found you”


“You rang Nicki?”

“You’re too late to meet them”

Non-team member – perhaps a guardian.

“My dear brothers, are you available to communicate? If so, please say ‘I’m here'”
“Hello, glad you’ve come”

“Still love you to pieces”

“I will miss you.. miss you”
“Miss you”
“God bless, good night”

“I will miss you always, miss you lots”

“Hello Nicki”

“You need to go”


Spanish for hello. I think this was non-team interaction.

“You’ve been here a lot”

In spirit?

“I have to use you”

“He’s spoken from Heaven”

“You’re practically procedural”

“Your colouring’s started”

True. I had just started to catch the sun.

“You’ll have an interruption”

Also true. Just after I played this back (so perhaps five or ten minutes after it was said), the hotel maid knocked at the door and came in.

“Two weeks”

Again – true. This was the first day of my two week holiday.

“This will have some interruptions”

“Let me just say ‘hola’ to anybody Spanish, and ‘bonjour’ to anybody French that may be around me at the moment”
“Hola Cuba!”

Not very clear, but included because that sounds to me like a lady and I rarely hear ladies.

“People tempted to be with us”

I don’t know the context here. I suppose it could be talking about suicides, or perhaps discarnates wanting to communicate?

“I love Nicki”

“Please repeat after me – happy”
“Happy… happy”

“They’ve obviously convinced the boss”

Non-team member – perhaps guardian – a message at the start of our recording on the first day of the holiday. The team had previously told me that they could not communicate while I was away because ‘it’s policy’.



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