Second post of the day – this time, EVP from this evening. So I have some lovely EVP today – and just to show you EVP doesn’t all have to be serious and about the afterlife, I’ve posted some more personal observations from the team about my life šŸ™‚ . OK, first off some clear EVP from my team with the lovely ‘Bless you all’ completing the first recording…

You will see references to ‘calling’ and ‘phoning’ throughout our blog – this comes up tonight a bit and refers to our method of communication (which is computer and playback but is referred to as ‘phoning’).

EVP “Oh fellas”
EVP “It definitely works”
EVP “Don’t hang up (please)”
EVP “Bless all of you”

Readers may already be familiar with Tish – Tish is my team’s ‘big boss’ – beyond that I don’t know whether Tish is more than one entity (as in a board of discarnate humans) or a higher being.. I don’t know what fuel is referring to..

EVP “We’re here for you”
EVP “Words are better than..(???)”
EVP “Need to phone Tish”
EVP “Matthew”
EVP “There is no fuel”
EVP “Daniel”

Here we come onto some of the more personal EVP – Tidy rooms (I’ve been good lately and have been cleaning and tidying).. and there’s more below.

EVP “I just joke with you”
EVP “Tidy rooms”
EVP “Lockerbie”

From the EVP below, “the pink lady” I liked – earlier today I was in my local sainsburys and was debating whether to buy green (granny smith) or pink (pink lady) apples (decisions decisions!). Guess which one I bought? You are probably wrong because I bought Granny Smith šŸ˜€ But yes, I did pick up a bag of pink lady apples before putting them back. Maybe next time šŸ˜€

As I was capturing these EVP during playback I complained that I shouldn’t have eaten ‘that curry’ and shortly thereafter heard ‘dead full’. šŸ˜€

I know, right, my life is riveting!

EVP “He’s a Russian”
EVP “Dead full”
EVP “Very good”
EVP “The pink lady”
EVP “If I had known”

Nice EVP received above ‘If I had known’. This subject came up earlier today when someone posted on Facebook that James Randi had died and I said ‘boy is he in for a shock’.

And continuing the thrilling saga of what goes on chez Nicola, someone commented that I’d done the washing – the picture is the view from my bed as I’m working with the team… and someone kindly commented that I should give the mess away (presumably seeing the snakepit of cables I am trying to sort out in the front room).

EVP “Hello”
EVP “Philip”
EVP “Perfect Peace”
EVP “Did the washing”
“Did the washing”
EVP “Why not give that mess away?”
EVP “Learn sommat new”

We will be back soon with more EVP and voices from the afterlife.

Nicola (Seeker)

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