Today’s post consists of two days worth of EVP. Apparently we have a broken beacon (if I heard correctly), and that altered the frequency and clarity of the EVP. Hope it’s nothing I’ve done! Second EVP down confirms a broken beacon.

EVP:”Broken beacon”
EVP:”Listen to us”
EVP:”In time in full”
EVP:”It’s visual”

When I got the EVP saying ‘it’s visual’, I got the wrong end of the stick, thinking perhaps everything had been fixed and I am getting fewer EVP because it’s a different team.

While I listened back to 4265 I heard ‘broken beacon’ again, and though it sounds like the original EVP that had become embedded on the file I thought I had heard it again for a reason. So off mic I exclaimed “this is a good reason for not putting questions on recordings. I feel such a fool!!” (I was being funny though there’s a grain of truth in it). On the same recording that I’d put the wrong question (about my visual ITC team) and exclaimed that I felt a fool I got an EVP telling me not to cringe. Is this an example of knowing what I was going to say and being able to answer? Or was the EVP delivered to the file after I had spoken?

EVP:”Broken beacon”
EVP:”Don’t cringe”

The clarity isn’t up to our usual standard – that would be down to the broken beacon! We will be back soon with more voices from another dimension.



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