A small selection of EVP from February 2017.
If included, my speech is in regular font, my team’s replies are in bold.

“.. the name of that composition?”
They’re obviously thinking
I usually play a bit of music before we start speaking. I wanted to know if they knew the name of the piece I played. The soul that answered appears regularly on the recordings now, and as he refers to the team as ‘they’ he must be a non-team member and most likely one of my guardian angels.

“So do you.. do you want me to continue tonight?”
Sleep tight
I was just ending the recording session.

“Are any members of my team there please?”
They’ll come if you’re lucky/looking
I’ve had a couple of sessions where I haven’t been sure whether I’ve got the connection to my team. There’s always someone about, but not necessarily team members.

We have/He’s had to go

Think he’s got your granddad here
I think that was what was said, but I didn’t hear anything from either (any) of my granddads.

“If so please say I’m here”
I’m here

I’ve asked you back

“Did you wake me up this morning?”
We had to

I was physically woken from my sleep by being gently patted awake. Usually they shake me by the foot!