“Can’t hear you!” EVP

So today was the first recording session using my new file. I was looking forward to hearing the results. I fiddled with the volume after the first few recordings. For some reason some files give louder EVP if the volume is some way down on one slider or another. You’ll need headphones I think.

Here are some EVP for today. The download button is for the whole file, where the EVP are hidden. I thought the first two nice and clear though out of context and not an answer to anything I asked.

“Two boxes”
“Twenty four”

The EVP below is a nice example of intelligent response. Two separate responses (I think) to my voice. I silenced the gibberish in between.

Me:”Thank you, I will listen back to that”
“Thanks a lot”

I wasn’t having much success getting repetitions or answers to questions. I found this one word (trump) buried in file 4042. So I thought I would ask if they had anything to add to that on file 4043.

” He spoke for them
“Can’t hear you

The EVP above could explain why I couldn’t get any answers to questions!

“Feeling happy”

Even though, by file 4044 I wasn’t asking for repetitions of happy, the EVP above appeared (I usually ask to repeat the word happy).

So some successes with the new file! I’ll be back soon with more communication from the afterlife.

Love and light

Nicola (Seeker)

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