Afterlife EVP (Page 2)

I’ve been thinking about Klaus Schreiber’s ITC work with video in the 1980s. Here is an article about that on World ITC. I believe he used to receive the images, then would transfer them to another video recorder, and the more he did this the clearer the images would become – quite against any earthly logic. I wondered if this would apply to audio and because my file, though only days old, had become flooded with EVP, I thought I would make gibberish out of the gibberish. I made a 3 minute file, altering the length of the segments every minute to see what theRead More →

My team were present for the first two recording files today. I was advised immediately that it was a ‘race’ to leave EVP. This isn’t a race between themselves, but a race to leave messages before people ruined the session. The first two files were inundated with EVP, the files after that… well scroll down and you can see! I had stations on my mind today as the subject’s come up recently, but something I was pleasantly suprised to hear was an answer to my question during prayers last night… “Do you see the people that are disturbing sessions?”. Going back a few years IRead More →

Building bridges to the afterlife

There may be a slight lull in the blog – at least with the number of EVP posted. I’m anxious to try other methods of receiving communication, so while I’m experimenting there might be less to listen to. At the end of yesterday’s recording session I tried a method that never works well for me – ambient or transfer EVP. Basically silence with natural background noise, (in this case white noise from a radio) . Whenever I do this the silence sounds like a crowd burbling with the occasional raised voice, that’s what I received yesterday. šŸ˜® Here are a few EVP captured yesterday usingRead More →

We had a couple of recording days that were a bit patchy, so I’ve not posted those EVP. The EVP on this page are from today, Thursday 16th September 2020. There is a definite theme and an answer to a question that had been playing on my mind for a while. First, a discussion about religion forbidding contact of this sort came up with a reader who I attempted to reassure in my usual verbose manner. Hopefully the first two EVP go some way to reassure in a way I cannot. The question I had been wondering about lately was whether we can use anotherRead More →