Blooper / Outtake

I attempted to connect with the team this afternoon, but couldn’t hear much. This evening’s attempts went a little better. I intended to leave it after just three recording sessions, but they wanted me to continue, and sure enough the connection improved. Our conversation tonight centred upon personal matters, so there’s not much to put up here. This made me laugh.. “HANKY!!”… “happy”. “London”. Uncharacteristically leaving it to the last second! “Monty”.Read More →

I was going through my recordings for last night. As you probably know,  I don’t post all of them and last night was no exception. However I thought you might appreciate this oddity.. “Possibly just have a wet mark”. 😀 I couldn’t get any response when I asked for clarification. Coming as it did, completely randomly, I thought it rather odd and didn’t remember till this morning that I had spotted a couple of rogue dirty marks on my sofa that should really be cleaned off but would probably leave wet marks that would stain. Yes! My life really is that dull outside of ITC!Read More →