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I’ve been a little busy with other ITC work lately, so I had a look through some recent sessions and was amused to find this one. I had, yet again, not made my intentions clear until about five minutes before I started recording. The EVP (translated in bold if needed) here sound like a group of people as surprised to hear from me, as some of us incarnates would be to hear from them. Me: Hello there, and thank you for your communication – I know I surprised you” “You actually caught me” “Come and listen to …” “Donna can go out there” “Yeh IRead More →

Another long pause – sorry. ITC research is still going on, but the blog posts are becoming less frequent as I adjust. These EVP were captured today. The acoustics have changed quite significantly since the last time I posted. I am now in a different room, I use a different sound file (changed again), and I’m using a microphone. Some of the communication is a little reedy, but some quite strong. The sound file I used was a file made from chopped up phonemes of my voice. The following EVP features genderless, female, child and the occasional male voice. I had a mixture of communicators.Read More →

Spurred on by some fellow researchers who have had some success creating their own gibberish file, I created my own this evening. I had tried before, but hadn’t managed it successfully – with tips from a fellow researcher, I managed to create my own. I droned into a microphone for what turned out to be 13 minutes – it needn’t have been that long, and in fact when I created the gibberish from my speech it only let me do three minutes for some reason. Anyway.. running my speech through EVP Maker, and cutting it into pieces created a new sound file. So that youRead More →

It’s odd – I don’t seem to be able to find articles to refer you to, but this post is about cross-validation. That is, messages for or about one ITC researcher, appearing on another ITC researcher’s recordings. I call this cross-validation. I’m not sure if this is the right term! Back in June a long-time American researcher and user of the ‘transform’ method (silent, using ambient sounds) of EVP collection, received a couple of messages referring to me. We had not long started an email exchange, and before you know if, this researcher had received the following messages. “… and I’m in love with Nicki”Read More →

I have recently moved from my home – and to compound matters I have also changed our sound file due to embedded EVP becoming a nuisance. It will take some time to ‘bed in’ the new sound file, so the EVP will be of inferior quality to normal. If you are new to this blog, please check the archives for older, but clearer EVP. Hopefully the EVP will become clearer over a relatively short time period. These are EVP from a mammoth seven hour recording session, during which time we had a technical team trying to work as fast as they could to get theRead More →