ITC Research

ITC research is the name given to the process of recording EVP. ITC stands for instrumental transcommunication – communication across dimensions. A researcher is someone who repeatedly uses methods to attempt to talk to those in the light/afterlife (or even other worlds, aliens).

I’ve been thinking about Klaus Schreiber’s ITC work with video in the 1980s. Here is an article about that on World ITC. I believe he used to receive the images, then would transfer them to another video recorder, and the more he did this the clearer the images would become – quite against any earthly logic. I wondered if this would apply to audio and because my file, though only days old, had become flooded with EVP, I thought I would make gibberish out of the gibberish. I made a 3 minute file, altering the length of the segments every minute to see what theRead More →

Picture of world

Two days have passed since our last recording session. This morning, as arranged I made a new sound file. Weather in the UK has improved a bit, but there were no EVP received good enough for this blog. I’m not sure what’s going on there. I’m planning to return on Sunday to see if things have improved. Peace Nicola (Seeker)Read More →

This isn’t the type of EVP I normally save (it’s out of context) but I thought I would include it as it was quite unusual to hear what appears to be a young female voice. More female voices to follow.. The 2 EVP above were received using gibberish played back through my amazon echo device. The last one is a bit testy. 😁 This is where blog EVP dry up (till this year). Though I was still doing ITC research sporadically I didn’t update the blog from May 2018 till this year. Other than this glut of female sounding voices in May 2018, normal (maleRead More →

Just a quick note to update our readers and listeners. For some unfathomable reason all EVP from every post apart from the most recent have vanished – the directories are all empty of audio files – the rest remains intact. After seeking technical advice (and baffling the techies) I will now begin the laborious task of uploading all EVP from 2016 through to 2017. I have already updated the few posts made in 2020, 2019 and 2018. The earlier EVP are arguably the most important as the more communication went on, the clearer they became. Now in 2020 I’m starting at not-quite-a-position of ground zero,Read More →

I sometimes worry a little bit about your (the reader’s) interpretation of the EVP that I post on this blog. Do no harm My intention is never to frighten but to soothe. To that end please remember, unless otherwise stated, that the speaker is the average man or woman about town. I always hesitate to post anything nasty and believe me, over the years I have received some really hair-raising stuff. Light teams I work with communicators in the light (heaven, if you like, but without clouds and cherubs and a bearded God). However, it is not always possible to hear them. They have toldRead More →