I’ve moved the contents of this post to a page on this site as the subject matter is so sensitive, giving regular readers a choice whether to read it or not. You can find this new page here – the afterlife and suicide. If I get further input from my spirit team I will of course post it in one of our regular blog posts. For now, Peace Nicola(Seeker)Read More →

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I’ve been anti state sanctioned murder for as long as I can remember, but this post isn’t about my views. The views shared here come from a much more profound source. If you believe in the afterlife you must listen. If you are a death penalty proponent and a believer in eternal life it is your duty to listen, heed and take action. It is your duty. It has been my absolute pleasure to read “Voices in the Dark” by Leslie Flint. I devoured it voraciously and after reading about his life as a medium there were some absolute gems right at the end ofRead More →

I sometimes worry a little bit about your (the reader’s) interpretation of the EVP that I post on this blog. Do no harm My intention is never to frighten but to soothe. To that end please remember, unless otherwise stated, that the speaker is the average man or woman about town. I always hesitate to post anything nasty and believe me, over the years I have received some really hair-raising stuff. Light teams I work with communicators in the light (heaven, if you like, but without clouds and cherubs and a bearded God). However, it is not always possible to hear them. They have toldRead More →

This will be a two part post today, because the matter dealt with here deserves its own post. I dislike getting political or sage – that isn’t my deal. I am not political and I’m not wise. But I know men who are. The recent terrorist attacks done in God’s name by Muslim extremists that are fond of quoting their sacred book, the koran/qu’ran is being addressed from the next life. The following italicised paragraphs are my own soap box, offering my own thoughts to the members of the extremist groups that believe in Sharia law and a caliphate. That believe God is quick toRead More →

The glorification of evil on Earth comes to us, modern day, as infamy for serial killers, spree killers or mass murderers, sexual predators and genocidal maniacs. Evil is a spectrum. It is cultivated in the ego of man. I would like to say it’s borne of a lack of awareness of the true natures of our infinite consciousness and finite physical reality, but it is not so. The evil in man is sometimes self aware and sometimes revels in its own nature. A recently passed child rapist and murderer was aware of his nature and revelled in it. He believed he will be reincarnated intoRead More →