Changes to Recording EVP from the Afterlife

I made two alterations to our recordings today. I shortened the time to thirty seconds from a minute…

“She did something that’s new”

“Our time’s huge Nicki”

Then confusingly…

“Don’t take too long” šŸ™‚

Though that is probably referring to over-listening to phrases I can’t quite make out, rather than time.

.. and I also held my hands over the computer while they were speaking …

“She’s using our (forces)”

“Them bracelets are dodgy..”

I removed my bracelets once I heard that as they were in danger of scraping the internal microphone and adding noise to the recording.

More EVP

“We do love that you hear us”

“It’s useful to know them”

“At the end of the day”

“Love you”
“I love you”

“It’s Michael”

“We helped you”

“I love your spirit”

Love to you all xx

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