Today I had an EVP session covering a range of subjects. My first question was about a piece of equipment I had seen used by paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry on their show ‘Kindred Spirits’. The item in question is a Zoom HN1 portable audio recorder which is a dual microphone digital voice recorder with the added benefit of live listening, ie. you can record and listen to the recording at the same time. The biggest challenge I have faced while doing EVP work is keeping up the conversation – I have gone as far as I can, I think, trying to rapidly turn around pauses in conversation by shortening their speaking time which in turn shortens my listening time. However I’ve often wished I could hear EVP as it was being recorded. This device seems like a good idea, but I know the spirit team I work with much prefer the computer and the boost provided with a sound file to other methods. My first EVP was related to this device, but by itself doesn’t give me an indication they will not use it (though I inferred it’s probably inferior in “Sound quality”)..

EVP “Sound quality”

On this first recording I got the impression that there were a few visitors, so I asked them to say their names..

EVP “Anna”

Before we started I asked them to mention the hat I was wearing to indicate they could see me..

EVP “The hat, Nicki”

In the past I had heard mention of a ‘big boss’, so I asked today who their ‘big boss’ is..

EVP “Central is”
EVP “Boss”

That’s all from me and voices from the afterlife for now. Be back soon.


Nicola (Seeker)


  1. I wonder why they sound British?

    1. Because they are British (as am I). I don’t often get any other accents. Thanks for your comment and visits

      1. im British too…. but living in the USA 🙂

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