We continued working with the child-only sound file today, as the adults seem to have no trouble using it – in fact most of the EVP received were from adult male voices. First an audio from and about a little boy called Aaron – apologies for the brevity of the 3rd EVP, it belonged to a sentence which sounded garbled so I cut ‘Aaron’ out.

EVP “Aaron come forth”
EVP “Aaron”
EVP “Aaron”

The EVP below sounds like an admonishment from an adult. The session was cut short by them today, stating they had to go.

EVP “We don’t shout”
EVP “We have to go”
EVP “I love you”

Back soon with more paranormal voices.


Nicola (Seeker)


  1. Today I have a wonderful day, yesterday evening when I was calling someone else, my mother spoke, recognized me, said something that I need most from the moment she left: Tom! my heart, are you here?
    :-))) People! do not mourn your loved ones, they are alive !!!

    1. Author

      That’s a beautiful message Tom! I’m so glad you’ve heard from her in such a positive way. Your mum must have felt your confusion and distress following those other messages. This is your mum Tom, as you always knew her. Trust in the love – it does not change. So pleased for you. 🙂

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