I’m writing this on New Year’s Day, having delayed because EVP have been very difficult to hear, but not non-existent. I think it is fair to say that since switching from my previous team to Central station there have been some teething problems with sound quality. I’ve still kept to recording on a regular basis for two hours, but little is non-personal and of high enough quality to make public on this blog.

These two EVP were received on 30th December – hence the date of the post.

EVP “Christmas is one day”
EVP “Into the light boys”

What I understand about the Christmas EVP is that this is a manmade celebration. Indeed I think most people understand that 25th December is an arbitrary date to celebrate the birth of Jesus with clues given in various holy books hinting at dates that are quite wide of the 25th December mark. But considering this comment from the astral in religious terms, I think it suggests that importance should not be placed on any one day by those observing scripture – that the teachings of Christ should apply all year round. I have also regularly recorded on Christmas day (not this year) and received no mention of it – I don’t think this festival is upheld in the astral.

Back to the subject of communication for Calling Home. I am very pleased to be in contact with this station. The unholy attacks have receded – the battle won, for now. I still receive naughty/mischievous EVP (of the vulgar variety), but this is not the same at all.

I’m now taking a couple of days off from audio ITC, still preparing for visual. Hopefully communication will be better when we recommence next week.

Have a better new year everyone. I doubt anyone (other than the profiteers) had a decent 2020. Here’s to kicking Coronavirus to the kerb in 2021. Happy new year and


Nicola (Seeker)

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