Here’s a collection of our communication from the first part of this year. The oldest first.

You’ll get focus” I was talking about not being able to concentrate and this was the response.

“It’s strange, my recording volume seems to have gone down and I don’t remember doing that, so you might have done it”
We have done it

“Are you available to communicate, if so please say ‘I’m here'”

“Are you available to communicate, if so please say ‘I’m here'”
Here – glad you’ve come

“Please repeat after me – happy”
Seem happy

“Please repeat after me – London”

“Ok, team, uhhhhhh…”
Oggy – to you

“Do I get you mixed up occasionally?”
I had been talking to Oggy but thought he was Monty.

You’ll love her“.  No context I’m afraid”

“Please tell me who I’m talking to?”

“Are there any spirits present with me in this room? If there are – if there are could you say hello to me please”
“(I’ll be faithful to you (unamplified)) Hello

Liking your notes

The circle begins

Appliance will do nothing” (Talking about my new radio)

Let you go for dinner” I had decided I was going to eat after we had finished – I hadn’t told my team – I don’t need to.

Don’t worry” Follows a philosophical question about mankind’s knowledge of the afterlife and evil.

“Able to speak”
“.. to likely distract you”

Both said about my health – but out of context I can’t rescue the context.

How is he?

Empty notes“. Notes is what my team call this blog. At the time of recording my EVP were all in private posts – now mostly published – so the blog looked a little thin.

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