I’ve squished a couple of days into one post as communication has been a little patchy. First of all some comments about both current affairs (the day after the Vienna shootings), and also a clarification about how EVP is received (after I wondered whether soundwaves were involved).

EVP “The sites near to Vienna”
EVP “This isn’t speech”
EVP “Works on Jesus-hatred”
EVP “There’s never been justice”

Now we move onto today (6th November 2020). Near the bottom of this post you will see (hear) a full name mentioned ‘Ben Croot’.

EVP “We are vapour”
EVP “Troubleshoot”
EVP “Michael”
EVP “Found you”
EVP “Amusing us (here)”
EVP “They think it’s too strong”
EVP “Let’s go”
EVP “Tony”
EVP “This is Ben Croot”
EVP “Savage laws”

Back soon with voices from the afterlife.


Nicola (Seeker)

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