Discordant Vibrations and Love from the afterlife

Today I’ve put three days worth of EVP on this post. Thursday and Friday last week were a bit weak. Communication was a bit better today but not without its problems as you will hear. The download buttons are for the full unedited recording (lasting approx 40 seconds).

First there’s a really interesting EVP about Robert Van Den Broeke, the powerful Dutch medium.

“See his latest”
“Van Den Broeke”
“It’s Neville”
“They feel that it makes you cross”

Among the EVP above is one saying ‘they feel that it makes you cross’. This one is important and in context because between recordings I was asking why communication had been so patchy over the last couple of days. I was immediately humbled. Have I been getting irritated doing ITC? I did not think so. I will have to watch myself.

The EVP below are from today – Monday 13th July 2020 . I was excited to talk to my team but it seems we were still not in the clear from the opposing team as you will see from many of the EVP. Though the first two EVP underneath are on separate files I find that consecutive clear EVP seem to fit together, as they do in this case. The EVP from 4150 would probably be from team/guardians, the second EVP sounds spiteful – that would be from ‘the others’ which is what we call the opposing spirits. Happily third EVP states we have an ‘others dilemma’ which is completely in context. The fourth EVP I actually laughed out loud when I received, more from the tone of ‘voice’ used. I could imagine a ‘workman’ shaking his head at ‘the problem’ and when asked how long it would take to fix he said ‘couple of days’ πŸ˜€ Obviously having something broken is not funny I hasten to add

“What are you doing?!!!…..”
“Stop that!/them!”
“You’re not special”
“Others dilemma”
“A couple of days”

Things seem to have normalised by the time we reached the end of our ITC session. EVP 2 & 3 were very close together so probably belong together. Otherwise we have names – and Michael is back πŸ˜€

“Stanley Carlton”
“Let’s play a game”
“Go on then”
This is Michael”
“That’s better”
“That is granddad”
“I think that’s what she thought!”

Love and light

Nicola (Seeker)


  1. this is the best evp blog on the internet, thank you πŸ˜‰

    1. Wow thank you Thomas! Let’s others know if you can. These voices need to be heard! Love and light to you!

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