Dream of being happy EVP from the Afterlife

This morning I continued on with the usual questions, but only seemed to succeed with repetitions. After a while I had an idea. But here are the EVP from the gibberish I created in May. The download buttons are for each of the files that I took EVP from. You only need to download or listen if you’re curious – the EVP is available on this page in playable format.

Me:”Please repeat after me – happy”
“Dream of being happy” (headphones please)
Me:”And the one that’s disliked so much, and changed…. please repeat after me – goldfish”
Long pause….
“Fish” (headphones please)

It’s been nagging me a bit that my gibberish file is so short – so I created a new one lasting three minutes, both raw and gibberish. I didn’t expect any answers when I used them, having told my communicators I was packing up for the day, other than to create a new gibberish file. These two EVP were taken from the first run through with my new longer file. Hopefully the full phonetic alphabet is now represented! The download button below is for the recording that has already been used to create EVP.

Me:”Please repeat after me – happy”
“Happy” (headphones please)
Me:”Please reply/repeat after me – London”
Long pause…..
“It’s London” (headphones please)

So hopefully our next ITC session will be more productive now I have a better gibberish file. Love, light and blessings to you

Nicola (Seeker)

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