EVP Afterlife Communication

It’s the first day of June, and starting as I mean to go on, I did some ITC this morning. Still on my mission of getting my initial communication questions answered by a member of my team in the light – still not quite getting there.

Here are a few EVP, although not answers to my questions. Above each playable EVP snippet is a download button. You can download the entire file and listen if you wish. As I was focusing on only answers to my questions I barely heard anything else, so you might hear something I did not.

“Stay close. It is important”
“Talk to Nicki then”
“Safe place”
“Your brothers can’t quite believe it”

This last one is nice. I don’t have brothers (plural), and this is a term used to refer to my previous all-male spirit team. Though equally it is used to refer to all male spirits, incarnate and discarnate. Also someone said ‘talk to Nicki then’. Nicki is how my team used to refer to me, shortened from Nicola.

And right at the top we have someone saying ‘stay close. it is important’. This is referring to, I think, staying close to the light day to day – feeling connected, praying. Or it could be someone advising someone else that side to stay close to each other, or the communicating equipment.

Thank you for reading. The communication is quite hard to hear at the moment so I appreciate your patience with us. Please go back through our posts to hear our previous EVP.


Nicola (Seeker)

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