So it’s been a while since I talked to anybody on the other side, swamped with my own pithy earthside problems, which have now been resolved.

I had a short session this afternoon to find out whether there is still contact there and a reason to continue. There is. A lot of the EVP are quite muffled. I don’t know whether this is because I’m out of practice hearing them. (You do have to train your ears to a certain extent). Nevertheless I received about a dozen EVP over the two and a half minutes they were given to communicate. There was a communicator that was eager to tell me that he was going to kill me and all my friends. Someone who is obviously a stranger to my ITC sessions because I don’t scare easily (or at all). I didn’t keep his EVP, however I have decided on a change to the blog.

As well as helpfully, I hope, presenting you with EVP once I have cut it out of the original and slowed it down, I will give you the entire recording. Feel free to download and listen to it in your own time.

I do understand that this type of communication can be difficult to hear. There’s a lot of ‘cocktail party’ affect going on and if you have a problem hearing one voice when many are chattering, then you may not hear the EVP on this site. Some of the EVP can sound completely different through speakers and need headphones. This isn’t because they are quiet or fast (I hope I slow it down enough), but because subtle sounds ‘shhh’ ‘thhh’ are difficult to hear. Let’s start with a full recording…

Afterlife Communication EVP Recording

So this is the complete recording where I harvested 3 EVP (I ignore things that seem out of context or negative). The person blasting her voice at the beginning and end is me. Here’s an EVP I was thrilled to get…

“Thank you very much I’ll listen back to that”
“We thank you”… “thank you”

See if you can hear it on the original recording. Hint: I have silenced the part between thank yous. With this EVP you need headphones to hear the complete ‘we thank you’ .

I had no stark warnings about the CoronaVirus pandemic that is currently consuming the world right now. Pandemics and plagues have occurred throughout history, COVID19 being the latest. So no surprise, no horror from the other side.

Do feel free to comment or mail me. If you can’t hear the EVP I can probably help. If you want to harvest your own EVP I can probably help with that too. It’s good to talk.

Love and light



  1. Hi Nicola, great to hear from you!
    Yes! I hear ‘thank you’ being spoken very clear, good one.
    Take care, Lance.

    1. Thank you Lance! Hope you’re all keeping safe. Love and light to you x

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