Following the last few weeks experimenting with conditions, locations etc I’ve come to the conclusion that recording in a smaller room yields better results for EVP. Seems obvious but wasn’t proven to my satisfaction before I tried.

I will continue to experiment the odd time in the front room, but for now it’s back to the bedroom. This was noted on the first file of the day. And Michael is very keen that we know he’s there! Michael is a regular communicator, but sometimes he disappears for what seems like months. I’m wondering if the team work on a rota (?) Then I could simply just be missing their working hours. Tony is another regular that disappears, but usually reappears when Michael does.

EVP “It’s Michael Nic – It’s Michael”
EVP “Michael”
EVP “Michael”
EVP “She will stay in the bedroom”
EVP “It’s able to (wrangle?) the sound better, Nic”
EVP “Tony”
EVP “Thank you … thank you”
Me:”Thank you very much”
EVP “You won’t see people”
EVP “This is Tommy”

Be back soon!
Nicola (Seeker)

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