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Today I decided to ‘be naughty’ and attempt ITC research in a room other than one that had previously been deemed ‘soundproof’ by my team. This extraordinary measure was set up a couple of years ago because I was being targeted by another ‘team’ (otherside) (let’s call them team zero) who were doing their best to disrupt communication.

It did work for a while, and we got away with having a few sessions without interruptions, but unfortunately team zero soon learnt that things weren’t as quiet as they thought, and they started barging in on sessions. And then I became ill.

So this is really the first time I have tried contact outside the bedroom (where the gate is/was located).

Well… I didn’t get ‘attacked’. In fact it was a lot quieter than it usually is in the bedroom. Unfortunately I didn’t get many EVP that made sense. I have rescued one EVP that I had to slow down, which means it degraded a bit and the tail end… well… tailed off. First… the entire file.

And now the EVP…

Can you hear this? “in the bedroom” It was ‘said’ at extremely high speed and the EVP has been slowed down many times, degrading and losing the ‘m’ sound at the end. Here it is again, original speed.. around 19 seconds in if you listen to the full original recording.

I believe this is what was said because it was in context. Other words and phrases were also said ‘in context’. I received an EVP commenting about an item on my shopping list and as I listened back to it I remarked that what was said is the sort of thing my grandparents would say. The next EVP along (remember this is prerecorded so was not an answer to what I said out loud whilst listening), was ‘granddad’.

Anyway, take great care in these troubled times. Try not to panic. Keep a distance, keep safe.

Love and Light


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  1. Hi Nicola, yep! I hear that too, Good one! Take care, Lance.

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