Father’s Day – Spirits Looking for their Family

The following are some EVP from an ITC session on Father’s Day in the UK – Saturday 17th June.

There are some names here, including a little boy (aged seven) with the name Dylan.



The four EVP below all relate to the same little boy –

“Yes, but I want to come :(“

A child’s vocabulary delivered in an adult’s voice. I asked about this on the next recording.

“Team, do you have a child with you? The vocabulary from one of the EVP sounded very much like this ‘yes, but I want to come'”
“He’s now seven Nicki”

“They sent me Dylan with you”

“You should take them home”

This would be referring to returning the visitors to the summerland.

“Grace – I love you”

“Handy for Bolton”

Probably Bolton, Lancashire, UK.

“Van Hausen”

“I love you Paul S..”

“I love my Betsy”

“That’s fairly good”

A comment between themselves. Sounds like a comment about something technical to me!

“Thank you Nicki”

This was nearing the end of our session.

“His mark is beautiful here”

I was talking about Marcello Bacci, and this refers to the mark that he’s made on their world.

“This alcoholic’s in the light Nicki”

“I love you”

“Thank you” x 2

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