Favourite EVP from Afterlife communication during ITC research in 2016

Whilst I’m waiting for the right time to do my next ITC research I thought I would compile a list of my favourite EVP gathered over the past few years, starting with 2016. They’ll be favourites in different ways so I will offer an explanation for each one.

Dogs in the Afterlife

This is a little gem from March 2016, barely a month after I started ITC research. I am asking about a small dog (a cavalier king charles spaniel) that is in spirit but had previously popped up on my recordings along with my father. The little guy’s name is Buster and you can hear him bark twice on this recording. He was around a lot when I first started ITC, presumably to give me personal proof of the continuation of consciousness. I don’t hear him anymore as our work has continued and I’ve moved away from needing my own personal proof.

Love and thanks EVP from Afterlife communication

“We thank you… Nic Nic
“Thank you Lance”

Lance is a friend and fellow researcher, so this was for him. Please visit Lance ITC for more information about his research into afterlife and alien communication,

Me:”Lots of love to you”
“Keep well m’dear”
“Thank you for staying”
Me:”And I have missed you”
“I have too”
August 2016

Konstantin Raudive EVP

Me:”Please tell me your name”
Reply:“Konstantin Raudive”
“This is Konstantin Raudive – you are …”

If you know anything about ITC yet, you will have heard of Konstantin Raudive – if not, pop over to my short page on Konstantin Raudive Mr Raudive was one of the first ITC researchers, having learned from Friedrich Jürgenson . Thrilling to hear from him as he is known for participating in ITC from the other side. I have not heard his surname pronounced as it is on the first recording before, which troubles me slightly.

Eternal or Eternity EVP Reassurance from the afterlife

“Be happy eternally”
From May 2016

Previously Unpublished EVP

I do not publish anywhere near all the EVP I have received which is many gigabytes – to the extent that EVP from the first 3 years of ITC research fills an 80Gb hard drive. 80Gb of communication from the otherside, and our scientists just don’t care to explore dimensions etc. Before I go off on a rant here are just a few of my previously unpublished EVP. Reasons they are not published are many and varied, but I will attempt to explain why for each one.

“We aim to give you some air, at least”
May 2016

At this point, three months into ITC research I was in communication daily, often for several hours a day. This EVP was taken from a private post where I had uploaded the EVP then decided it probably wasn’t easily understood without context. The context is my over-work with the ITC team.

“No we’re not!”
May 2016

There is no context to give for this. Quite often I will hear EVP like this and assume they are talking amongst themselves. The same with the next..

“Oh my God!”
May 2016

As you can hear exclamations, including those that people consider ‘blasphemous’ are still uttered the other side.

Spiritual Opposition to ITC Research

As it is here, so it is there. There’s always someone out to spoil things and ITC research is absolutely no exception to the rule. I think to do ITC research you need to have an extremely strong backbone when it comes to human beings. Accept there are rotten apples here, then you will accept there are rotten apples there. Of course there are. So in the spirit of transparency I’m going to include a few EVP that come from gangs controlled by Bertie (a petty nuisance) and Wayne – my nickname for Charlie – who can do considerably more damage and has considerably more influence than Bertie. Here goes

Me: Muttering something along the lines of wishing love to those opposing my research
“Shut up”

Contact and repetition tests EVP

Early on I would start with standard questions with rote answers which I only changed occasionally. We soon evolved to simple greetings with unfettered speech encouraged from the other side once I had established I was indeed in contact with intelligent consciousness. Here’s a sample of these early questions.

Me:”Please repeat after me.. happy”
Me:”Are you available to communicate? If so, please say I’m here”
“We’re here”
Me:”Is the signal getting through? If so, please say signal”
Me:”Please repeat after me, happy”
“Ha ha ha”
Me:”Are you available to communicate? If so please say I’m here”
Me:”Please respond to goldfish”
Me:”Please tell me your name”
Me:”Have you got any messages for me today, please?”
“I haven’t”
“I’ll be back”

Technical help for EVP from the other side

I have a lot of recordings where things are being done or altered either this side or the other side, to improve clarity of communication.

Me:”Do you want me to be experimenting with no sound?”

I hope you enjoy this smattering of EVP from 2016. To enjoy all published on this blog just use the navigation menu to the right. Love and light


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