The Calling Home team have been chatting all week. I waited until today to update the blog, but noticed most of the EVP on this page are from today. Oh well! My cat interrupted the session, again. He hears me chatting away behind a door and let’s me know he wants to come in and join in whatever fun I’m having. More about him later. So the download buttons you can largely ignore unless you want to hear what happens in the EVP session. I’ve cut some EVP out of these files and put them on this page for you to listen to. Use headphones please as some of these can be quiet or difficult to hear otherwise.

“She likes her tellies!”
Followed by a correction…
“That’s a console”

I love the two EVP above. This shows they can see into the room that I’m in. They are either there with me or observing from the light. I believe they do both, but most times for me they need to come to me. The console, by the way, is an Alexa Show device, so not quite a console. While I’m on the subject, my communicators can use Alexa too. If you haven’t read it already please read my post ‘ Amazon device used for EVP ‘ The second EVP is hilarious!

“But don’t come”

During recording 4108 my cat tried to gate crash. He was mewing all the way through the recording. First thing was a declaration that he was outside (“Cat”). I’ve put an example of the cat mewing on the recording as the second ‘EVP’. And the third EVP has my cat mewing while someone is declaring that the cat makes sounds. Unfortunately not very useful sounds as it doesn’t meld well into gibberish.

Cat meowing
“The cat makes sounds”
(underlying meow)

Chris keeps popping up on my recordings, but because it’s a one syllable word(name) I dont know if it’s an EVP or just part of the gibberish.

Me:”Thank you very much for your communication – I will listen back to that”

Unfortunately the communicator on the EVP above was rather unceremoniously cut off as I stopped the recording. The EVP below seemed to be stand alone so I’m not sure what ‘we’ll send you’ means.

“We’ll send you”
“Thank you (Nic)”
“Doesn’t he go to sleep?!”

I think the ‘he’ referred to in the first EVP from recording 4111 must be my cat. Perhaps he needs to have two doors between us! Hope you enjoy the EVP and it gives you some hope. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Love and Light
Nicola (Seeker)

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