Fight Corona – EVP from the Afterlife

It’s bank holiday Monday in a locked down UK. I was really pleased with the EVP I received today. 22 in 2.5 minutes. Don’t think I spend 2.5 minutes working with them though! I listen back to, and analyse each 30 second clip before we move on to recording the next. For every 2.5 minutes they get to communicate there is around an hour and a half of analysis on my part, then of course, selecting EVP that seems in ‘context’ or is standalone, or is merely interesting, for this blog.

First let’s start with the entire recording.. I do not expect you to be interested or even play it, but you are most welcome to download and analyse in your own time. Here it is

Full afterlife communication EVP recording

And here are individual clips that I have cut out and sometimes slowed down.

“Fight Corona!”

On topic.. meanwhile a few seconds later…

“Please let down pa”

My dad’s name is David. Sometimes called ‘pa’, most times ‘dad’. In the next second…

“This is David”
“Where the hell did that rat go?”

Errr… ! Well I can’t ‘make it’ sound like anything other than that. It seems completely random, but the word ‘rat’ appeared independently at other places in the recording. I love it when you can hear emotion in their ‘voices’. In EVP you get all sorts of emotions.. this one seems to be puzzled. I get surprise too. And I’ve received menace in the past. (Soooo 2017 guys, move on).

Here’s the next full recording

Full recording afterlife communication EVP
(Me) “Here’s 30 seconds for you”
(Reply) “Thanks for that”

You definitely need headphones for the one above, but to me it is very clear (once the headphones are on). I do find that I get a flurry of activity and very clear messages with the first recording, but people seem to wander off (get bored?) in the intervening time (approximately 25 minutes) that it takes to listen to the first recording. Here’s the next full recording

Full length EVP Afterlife communiation recording
“Drum and bass”

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s what it sounds like to me. I usually don’t keep out of context recordings, but this one was quite odd. I don’t like drum and bass music at all, so this has to be something connected to the speaker. Sounds like a northern male. Next..

“This will make Google spam”

Well I jolly well hope not. I don’t think Google even know we exist. I’ve been blogging about afterlife and EVP since February 2016. Not a dickie bird from google, unless it’s someone looking for pages about Konstantin Raudive and are prepared to keep flicking through the search results. šŸ˜€

“That’s the wake up for you”
“It’s through the world”

This is probably referring to the COVID-19 pandemic. I also received an EVP pronouncing ‘covid’ as ‘coh-vid’. I’ve heard it pronounced both ways. I commented about the pronunciation in between recordings. As a cheeky response, I think, I got this..


Pronounced ‘Coh-ved’. šŸ˜€

“We’re waiting”

Don’t worry about this. This is not an ominous warning but much more likely an impatient gate keeper trying to shoo people through (note the first EVP that mentioned letting my pa ‘down’). Here’s the next full recording

Full afterlife recording with EVP communication
“Please don’t let him ruin this”

Again probably a snippet of conversation between the speaker and the gate keeper.

“You should agree with me”

That one was a little fast, I should have slowed it down. Here is the next and last full recording..

Full length EVP afterlife communication recording

And the final EVP for today.. anyone like ‘Don’t cha?’ by the pussycat dolls?! šŸ˜€

“Dontcha.. dontcha!! Love me/you”

Ha ha! Ending on a happy note there. I love the way there’s a whistle in the speech. The ending is both me and you ‘said’ simultaneously.

Love and light xx

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  1. Hi Nicola, good contact, Love the one “We’re waiting” very clear and the ‘Covid’ one, and the one when they say, ‘please Let down Pa’, very clear! Thanks for sharing,
    take care, Lance.

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