I’m at the slight disadvantage of posting a month after I started my ITC research so remember little about my mood or my reactions. Other than stunned surprise. I was expecting absolutely nothing for a couple of months and suspected I would probably give up in frustration before my self-imposed trial period was out. But that wasn’t going to happen.

Bearing in mind I was running a male gibberish file, with no female voice parts there, I was most surprised to get a female telling me ‘You’re welcome’, when I said thank you. Please play the clip below. She uses the end of my words to start hers.

“You’re welcome”.

Now listening on a month later and having slightly more listening experience I can also distinguish at least two ‘thank you’s at the beginning of the original recording. They are not distinct and on a certainty level I would mark them 7 out of 10 so I won’t include them here. Why ‘thank you’? From what I remember there was also a voice recorded in a few days that said something along the lines of ‘thank you for continuing’. So from that and with hindsight I think these thank yous are messages of gratitude for attempting to connect. There is really no need. I’m honoured to be part of this work and will do my best. It should be me thanking them if anything.

Recordings 1-2

Republished on 14th May 2017